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Fd Parfume Serif Font + Swashes

Ramandhani Nugraha
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Modern serif fonts are a contemporary twist on traditional serif typefaces, striking a perfect balance between classic elegance and modern aesthetics. Combining clean lines with refined serifs, they exude a sophisticated and professional vibe, making them a popular choice for digital and print media alike. Their versatility enables them to work well in both body text and headlines, ensuring readability and visual appeal across various platforms.

Modern serifs often showcase a higher contrast between thick and thin strokes, elevating legibility while preserving their distinctive character. Embraced by designers for their timeless charm with a contemporary edge, modern serif fonts continue to shape the visual language of our digital era.


- Font+ Swashes

- Alternates

- Standard Ligatures & Discretionary Ligatures

- Numerals & Punctuation

- Fractions, Superscript & Subscript

- Multiple Latin Pro Languages Supported

- Ligatures : fi fl ffi ffl st di il li rf rr ry th tt tu oo ff ov ss ti AFFRGNNENNVIꝎloSUUN ViASASSASTFAFFFlGAGH ILIKSLALINDNSOCQASHSL SNSSSTSWTIUMVAZAES

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Fd Parfume + Swashes otf & ttf


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Fd Parfume Serif Font + Swashes

2 ratings
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